dinsdag, augustus 3

Ben een beetje into the music de laatste tijd. Deze link is wel heel erg "underground" maar toch leuk om te delen. Finally. After nearly a year, the Sludge Swamp is proud to bring you Volume 2 of the Swamp Comp. The popularity of volume one is evidenced by the nearly 1400 downloads. Here is the premise behind the Swamp Comp series: inclusion is limited to unsigned bands who have sent us tracks specifically for the compilation or tracks we have culled from the never ending flow of material sent to the Sludge Swamp for posting, by unsigned bands themselves. Volume 2 is long overdue. I started this project on my own, but it soon became clear I did not have the time needed to complete the project. After some (?) prodding from our dear Mari, I relinquished control and accepted the help she offered to complete the project.
Nou, wat een tekst. Voorbeeld : lazy lizzard, walk