maandag, augustus 2

Eigenlijk was ik niet echt "in the mood" om iets te posten maar vooruit, alleen al om het plaatje erboven. Stonerrock haal je hier.

Keep in touch for the best in high quality stoner/sludge/doom/ drone/ experimental/ psychedelic/hard rock/... Albums added weekly on Rapidshare & Megaupload. Enjoy the tunes and keep the music alive. Buy those great albums & get some cool shirts! Files are no longer password protected since 11/24/09. For older links use 'robixxx' as a pass. The albums posted here are a selection of my favorite & recently discovered artists. I share those with you guys, just remember to support these artists! Good music needs good quality, that means no 128Kbps & lower bitrates, re-encodes, myspace rips or whatsoever. Albums are properly ripped from CD (or in some rare cases Vinyl). Artwork is added (mainly at 300dpi) when available.

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