woensdag, oktober 13


Family, both blood and band, figures prominently in the Sister Hazel world. ( klik maar niet want die website stelt niks voor ). Newell, the one bandmember who isn't a family man, asserts that, "Family has always been first in this band and we finally have found the balance to make it all work." One of Block and Copeland's favorite parts during this recording experience was when they went were able to record vocals at Crescent Beach (where they went as kids) and were able to surf and sing while having their families there too.

The band still hits the road regularly, doing around 100 dates annually, but they also find other avenues to maintain close ties to their fans. "The only way we can keep doing what we are doing is having our fans continue to connect and support us," proclaims Copeland. CD staat ook op multiupload.

Nou, vooruit dan, de hele CD hieronder. Buitenom kan ook, klik.