dinsdag, oktober 5

Travis Millard:

I grew up about 20 minutes from KCMO in glamourous Olathe, Kansas. I moved to Brooklyn for a few years and now live in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Every place I've lived has been an influence on me in one way or another. Kansas instilled ethics, New York broadened my horizons, and Los Angeles turned me into the plastic surgery disaster I am today. I love and hate every project i've ever done. They all go in waves of confidence and excitement, to feeling burned out and confused, and back again. I approach them all equally as a challenge and set out to carve a loose path to something I'm happy with in the end. I tend to work on a range of different projects, and each time I start something new it feels unfamiliar at first, but gels after noodling around on it for a while.. so I guess nothing's completely set. I have a flat file with piles of unfinished drawings that I shuffle through and pick up randomly. As I work on one of those, thoughts bubble on other projects and I might shift gears to whatever else is on the desk.

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