woensdag, februari 16

27 Miles was formed in 2001 as The 454 Band, but changed their name to 27 Miles in 2005 due legal issues. With unique blend of Southern rock, metal, blues and country, 27 Miles is part of the new Southern rock underground, which has been rising in the States in past ten years and the band has found lot of new fans since their 2006 debut album, "Bringin' It Back".

At the moment 27 Miles are Kevin “Solly” Solomon on lead vocals and rhythm/lead guitar, Donny Kulp on rhythm/lead guitar, Jason “JB” Benfield on Bass and Kurt Custer on Drums and back-up vocals. Each member of the band has a long history in the music biz; Childhood friends Solly and Donny started playing at young age and formed their first bands soon after. Bass player Jason Benfields started rockin at the tender age of 13 and has been playing with different bands ever since.

Daniel introduced the band to Producer/Engineer Brian Dobbs who finally mixed the band’s 2006 release 'Bringin' It Back'.
The band had a special guests Dean Deleo from Stone Temple Pilots to drop in the studio and throw down a solos on "Where I Belong" as well as "Lessons Learned" and Duane Betts, son of Dickie Betts of the Allman Brothers Band on the song, "Brotherhood". Kevin Solomon’s powerful voice and Kulp's explosive guitar dominate their debut album, but there are also great vocal harmonies on most of the songs and every Southern rock fan should check out their album.