dinsdag, februari 8

Astral Doors returns with "Testament of Rock-The Best of Astral Doors"; a real pleaser for old and new fans, which also contains the majestic hockey anthem, "Victory", previously only released in Swedish. But hey; perhaps you want to know more about Astral Doors?!

Lekkere preview hier.

Don't worry; below you can read the full biography.
In early 2002, Swedish guitarist Joachim Nordlund and drummer Johan Lindstedt teamed up and decided to write some metal songs in the spirit of the old heroes Rainbow, Dio, Sabbath and Deep Purple. Nils Patrik Johansson, an old time friend of Johan, was asked to do the vocals in the project. Nils Patrik accepted the offer and ASTRAL DOORS was almost a reality. Joachim asked his former band-mate Jocke Roberg, if he wanted to join, and a handshake later the band had a keyboarder. Martin Haglund, guitar and Mika Itaranta, bass, also joined the Astral Forces and the band was now complete.

With songs like "Power and the Glory", "Testament of Rock", "St. Peters Cross" and many more, the album will be recognized as one of the best Astral Doors albums to this day. After playing some of the most important festivals 2010, the band decided to put together a compilation with their best songs as a treat for old fans, but most important; to win over new fans. "Testament of Rock-The Best of Astral Doors" also contains a previous unreleased song.