maandag, februari 28

Chris Norman may not exactly be a household name these days, but let me assure you that no matter who you are there is a good chance that you have heard at least one or two of his songs in your life. The main one would be LIVING NEXT DOOR TO ALICE which Chris wrote and recorded during his time as the front man for SMOKIE, he also had a big hit in the form of a duet with Suzi Quatro that you would have probably heard at some stage.

His new album is an all covers affair, and I’m quite enjoying it at the moment. The songs he has chosen make for a pretty interesting set list and the affliction for the more modern brand of song is an interesting one indeed.

I love it when artists do something a little different, and this album certainly makes the criteria. It’s nothing amazing, but it’s interesting to hear these songs sung in Norman’s unique vocal style and will be something that fans of the man will find to be pretty special.