zondag, februari 13

Released in 1994, A Night In San Francisco was Van Morrison's third official live album and is an epic collection - two and half hours of amazing music that takes its cue from the traditional 'show-bands' – putting the focus on the band, led by the estimable Georgie Fame but also featuring singers James Hunter (now a critically-acclaimed solo performer), Brian Kennedy, saxophonist Candy Dulfer and blues legends John Lee Hooker, Junior Wells and Jimmy Witherspoon and also Morrison's daughter Shana!

Newly remastered sound and expanded packaging including lyrics of the Two CD set reissue of the 1994 album, recorded live A Night in San Francisco by Van Morrison. In contrast to these commercially-successful but not always critically acclaimed albums, the 1994 live double album, A Night in San Francisco was a "tour-de-force", clearly demonstrating Morrison's talents and his influences in equal measure and reached #8 on the UK charts. The Rolling Stone magazine review states the album stands as: "the culmination of a career's worth of soul-searching that finds Morrison's eyes turned toward heaven and his feet planted firmly on the ground."