zaterdag, maart 26

After spending the majority of the past decade as a successful pop and adult contemporary artist, Josh Kelley returns to the Southern sound he’s loved since childhood with his upcoming MCA Nashville country release. While it may be his official debut into the country genre, Josh's previous hits, have always contained discernible country flair.

"This record is a time capsule. It's by far the best thing I've written and I've never been more proud," revealed Josh, who wrote or co-wrote each of the album's eleven songs.

"I'm finally in a genre where I can write lyrics, tell stories and be a man."

It’s evident that this latest project is very much autobiographical, having gotten married, moved and adopted a baby girl all in the past two years. These events created the album and the stories he tells in it.

"My life has completely changed. My wife is a very strong independent woman, she allows me my own independence and from the first time my baby girl brushed her hand against my face, my life was changed. This album reflects those changes.”

Josh's MCA Nashville project not only showcases his talents as a singer and songwriter, but reveals him to be the latest definition of a true renaissance man; a man who's confident enough within his own skin to reveal a new take on sentimental themes by employing thoughtful lyrics.

“Georgia Clay”, the project's lead single, recalls the carefree summers of Josh's youth, when he and his brothers would hitch up jet skis to their Dad's '77 Chevy Silverado and head down to the lake. The memories made those summers are engrained their lives, as well as the tires of that old truck.

"The whole idea behind "Georgia Clay" is that we could go back to the garage and look at that truck, which hadn't been driven in years, and still find layers of mud stuck to the tires. That is the mud from our childhood, those memories are still there."