donderdag, maart 3

Kimberly Kay "Kim" Richey is an American singer/songwriter. Though her work fits into the general country music category, her sound is not easily categorized. Her songs have been hits on both the country and pop charts. She has often been described as an Americana artist.

Richey finds her inspiration in the Southern-California country-rock of Linda Ronstadt and the Eagles, and the folk-rock of Tom Petty and the Byrds. The album is full of Beatles-esque touches, such as the string quartet on "Can't Find the Words," the odd McCartney-esque intervals on "Let the Sun Fall Down," or the open tuning and uptempo, three-part vocal harmonies on "Good."

If Nashville labels can keep releasing country tributes to the Beatles, surely there's room in town for a woman who can come up with new Beatles-esque songs. And inasmuch as Richey is exploring the strain of the Beatles' music that comes straight out of the Everly Brothers and Buddy Holly, surely there's a country audience for her.

De CD hierboven is al wat ouder, ze heeft ook een nieuwe (wreck your wheels) die hier op haar site te beluisteren is. Zodra ik die aan boord heb vind je hem ook hier. Het is leuk.