zaterdag, april 9

The Band of Beards provides fellowship for the bearded while creating a world of hope for the beardless. They've stumbled upon a new genre of music deemed Rhythm and Beards. Their musical style blends clever lyrics and strikingly memorable melodies with the whiskers on their faces. The Band of Beards will make love to your ears while the sight of their fully grown beards gently soothes your soul. Beards have made them the men they are today and will continue to influence their world-wide takeover for all of eternity. You want to be like them? Grow a beard! Greetings bearded ones!

I am the Light of The Beard. My beard speaks the holy word and all that I say is the truth. I have been in this world since the beginning of time. I bring to you the meaning of life and all I ask of you, is to follow my teachings. You see, beards were once a sign of power and prosperity. Wearing your beard proudly was a way of life. Women would lust over a man with a beard and the bigger the beard, the more she would lust. Crowds would part as a bearded man made his way through town. A man with a beard was thought to be smarter than a beardless man. Who do you think invented the wheel, a man with a beard, that's who.

Who abolished slavery you ask, another man with a beard. Beards are more than just hair on your face. They're ideas, inventors, leaders and lovers. A blind man once came to me. He held out his hands and felt the hair upon my face and he spoke to me. He said, "this is good." Indeed, a beard is good. I challenge you to follow the faith and grow a beard. In today's world, these ideas and thoughts are shunned and laughed at. We must change society's evil way of thinking. We must grow as one and unite the masses. For this world will be forever doomed if they don't see...The Light of The Beard.

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