vrijdag, april 8

Jill King doesn’t just sing a song, she inhabits it, pouring her heart and soul into every note. On her new album, RAIN ON FIRE (Foundher Records; April 6, 2010), King pushes the limits with inspired performances that leave an indelible impression, even after a single listen. She moans the blues with a wrenching growl, screams like an unruly woman on a late-night bender, sighs like a lover whispering an early-morning lullaby and belts out rockers with the ferocity of a revival tent preacher. “I grew up in a small Southern town with black and white, right and wrong, and heaven and hell always clashing,” King says. “My desire to reconcile those experiences is what ties the songs on RAIN ON FIRE together.”

RAIN ON FIRE covers a lot of ground, drawing from the deep Southern well of blues, rock, pop, country, jazz, R&B and folk. King deftly puts them together to create her own easily identifiable but hard to define style. “When I started working on this album, songs came flowing out of me,” King says. “I wrote constantly for six months, almost as if I were channeling [the songs]. I listened to what was coming from my heart and let the music take me where it wanted me to go.”

To realize her musical vision, King worked with Australian producer and guitarist Michael Flanders (Garrison Star, Kane Harrison, Bobkatz). “The second I saw Michael play, I knew he would get the sounds I was hearing in my head onto the album,” King says. “When we met, we hit it off and it’s been fantastic. Mike has a thick Aussie accent and I have a thick Southern accent, but we understand each other musically. We have a lot of the same ideas and called on each other to make the music as good as it could be.”

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