maandag, mei 9

The Eli Young Band is a bit of an anomaly. It's a country band, but it's not pop country like the stuff that's pilfered by American Idol contestants and pop stars posing as country artists. It's also not the hardcore sub-section championed by rebels and renegades like David Allan Coe. Rather, Jet Black & Jealous is a dyed-in-the-wool, honky tonk record that'll appeal to trucker hat wearin', waterin' hole dwellers all across this great country of ours as well as regular rock 'n roll fans that crave an itty bitty country twist on riffs! Vocalist/guitarist Mike Eli and guitarist James Young –hence "Eli Young"—formed the band.

Yhe two have a chemistry that shows up in the songwriting, since "Always the Love Songs" and "Radio Waves" are some of the most accessible, brain-infesting country songs we've heard in quite some time. The tunes take out a mortgage in your cranium and camp out there for hours at a time, thanks to their hummable, toe-tapping melodies and slice-o'-life lyrics. The requisite ballads–"Enough is Enough" and "Guinevere"—crop up here and there, but for the most part, Jet Black & Jealous is a knobs cranked album that's suitable for doin' donuts on a dirt road in Texas as easily as it is for drowning your sorrows at the nearest dive bar.

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