vrijdag, juni 10

Everyone misses the point about REO Speedwagon: the critics who call their music corporate and faceless, even fans looking for a 70s-80s nostalgia trip every summer with Frampton Comes Alive XXIII. Unlike studio-born contemporaries such as Toto and Journey, REO came from the midwest and built its reputation on non-stop touring.

Even amidst changes in personnel and musical tastes, their music, reflected in their best and most popular songs contained here, reflect persistence and perserverence. Look down the titles: "ROLL with the Changes," "KEEP on Loving You," "KEEP Pushing," "Don't Let Him Go," "Ridin' The Storm Out." (Not to mention "Keep The Fire Burnin'" a great 1982 hit which didn't make it here.)

These songs are about staying in the game (whether the game is love or career) when many feel it's no longer necessary. It's no accident that their breakthrough 1977 live album was called, "You Get What You Play For"; REO's success was belated but earned. This is more than a best-of CD. Even with the hit ballads it's a mission statement that rocks.