dinsdag, juni 28

McClymonts have taken the Australian music scene’s collective breath away. Since forming just a few short years ago, and releasing their debut album, Chaos and Bright Lights, they’ve dominated the Country Music Awards of Australia’s Group of the Year category, winning the Golden Guitar three years in a row.

Now the McClymonts are set to take another step forward with the release of their brand new album, Wrapped Up Good. Recorded in Nashville, the album has harnessed the talents of Taylor Swift’s producer, Nathan Chapman, and the producer of Chaos and Bright Lights, Adam Anders (Miley Cyrus). The result is a collection of stunning songs, from the exquisite ballad “A Woman is a Flame”, which is the perfect vehicle for Samantha’s pure, true vocals, to the fast and furious “Kick It Up and “I’m Not Done With You”, the gentle “I Could Be a Cowboy” and the quirky and clever “The Boy Who Cried Love”.