vrijdag, juli 1

ALYSON AVENUE was formed in 1989 by a couple of friends who intended to play melodic rock in the way TREAT and EUROPE amongst others did. At that time ALYSON AVENUE had a male vocalist. Anette was taken in to the band as a Back up singer but did a great job on a demo recording and then became a permanent member of the band soon after the band was founded.

With a female vocalist the similarities of the band’s sound used to be compared with HEART & ROBIN BECK. The music drifted towards a much more “poppier” sound for a while but at the rehearsals you could hear the band playing everything from Hard Rock to even Soul. When playing live ALYSON AVENUE always had concentrated to perform AOR & Hard Rock only though.

After Anettes departure to NIGHTWISH the rest of the Band toyed with the idea of starting a new Male Fronted AOR-Band but those ideas where eventually scrapped and the search of a new Female Vocalist started.
In 2009 Arabella Vitanc joined the band on Lead Vocals giving the band new energy to start the work on the 3:rd Alyson Avenue record.

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