maandag, november 28


A peace Ebony himself and his band clearly not grants. Slum Dreams Bering end of 2010 received much praise. Comparisons with John Mellencamp, Ryan Adams, Nick Drake and others singing songs written and demigods were reviewed.

A fine blend of folk, blues and country, although many references calls, but enough Ebony own show.And that is the successor to A Whisper To Arms case. Although an album with more on the accelerator pedal is stepped, but the links to Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty and Drive-By Truckers are quickly made​​.

A blend of southern rock, blues and country, interspersed with a story. To high expectations, the warning of a father to his son about the social hedonism, about a lost love, seduction, to fight a demon among us.Ebony has a message and wants to share with us, but pushes him into our faces. A Whisper To Arms is in fact simply a great rocking album. Written for the live show, so it seems. Not surprising with a band since its debut almost constantly on the road to find.