maandag, november 28

SRV revisited ?

If ever there were a blues/rock artist for the world, it is Canadian born and California based guitarist Wolf Mail. Mail, who began his world tour in his teens with Ted Nugent, continues today as he travels throughout North America, Europe, and currently Australia in support of his debut solo release "Solid Ground". This is a very well named CD, as Mail's work is indeed consistently solid from start to finish in every category. His vocals also unique sounding, and the sum product of all of this is a sound that is both somewhat familiar and yet very much original.

Mail, like the excellent Australian guitarist Mal Eastick, is a very polished player, and his work tends to demonstrate more of the "beauty" side of blues/rock guitar, as opposed the "beast" so prominent in more aggressive styles. Mail's guitar work bears the unmistakable marks of the normal SRV/Hendrix/Clapton influences. However, I pay him the ultimate compliment by saying that, though he has obviously been influenced by the normal guitar gods, he bears a striking resemblance to none of them, as his sound is strictly Wolf Mail.