zaterdag, maart 10

Let op, dit is een erg leuke CD !

Dirt drifter player van de dirt drifters zelf

De CD hiernaast beluisteren

They met in Nashville, five musicians from four states with backgrounds from across the spectrum and a hunger to make music that matters. Their growing suspicion that they had something special was confirmed over and over as they took to the road. Fans in one club after another reacted as they always do in the presence of the real thing, and The Dirt Drifters began attracting a rabid and loyal following.

Jersey rocker Jeff Middleton headed to Nashville after being inspired by Garth Brooks to become a songwriter and musician, turning his back on the security of the business world to pursue a dream. Louisiana-born Nick Diamond was brought up in his preacher father’s church playing multiple instruments. He settled on drums and, ironically enough, met the core of his future honky-tonk band mates at church. Jeremy Little cut his teeth in rock bands in Chattanooga, then moved to Nashville after graduation. His sound brought the finishing touches to the Drifters’ musical brotherhood.
The band’s blue-collar ethos remains firmly in place.

Mirror, Klik.