zaterdag, oktober 7

Bob Dylan Imitation Contest
Think you do a mean Bob Dylan?
Whether your inspiration is vintage folkie Bob or the wise country crooner of "Modern Times," we want to check it out. Send us a video of your best one-minute Dylan imitation and we'll ask readers to be the judge. Deadline: 12 p.m., PDT, on Monday, Oct. 9. (Editor's Note: The deadline date has been corrected due to an earlier editing error.)

The person with the most votes by 6 p.m., PDT, Oct. 10 will get two free tickets to Dylan's KeyArena concert in Seattle on Oct. 13. Accetable file formats include .avi, .mov, .qt, .mpeg, .mp4, .3gp, .asf and .wmv. The video should be no longer than one minute and no larger than 40 MB.