zaterdag, oktober 7

nieuw vensterNat Jones. Nat first gained widespread exposure as regular artist on the popular comic book Spawn: the Dark Ages from Todd Mcfarlane Productions and Image Comics, working alongside famed horror writer Steve Niles (30 Days of Night). Nat then moved on to work with writer Peter David (Incredible Hulk) as artist on The Haunted. After a brief leave from the comic book industry Nat returned to work along Steve Niles and Rob Zombie on The Nail from Darkhorse Comics. Nat then returned to TMP to handle the art on Spawn, where he helped bring to life the first female Spawn character. Several more projects with Niles followed including Giant Monster and 30 Days of Night Annual 2006 for IDW publishing. Nat is currently working with famed fantasy artist Frank Frazetta to bring Frazetta's creation "Death Dealer" to Image Comics.Nat has quickly became one of the industries top horror artists working in comics as well as film. Nat currently lives in the south eastern US.