maandag, mei 7

I think we need to reboot the USA, we have too many system failures.

As King George goes live tonight to announce his new, brilliant “SURGE” military tactic in a vain attempt to “win” in Iraq, the first group of soldiers have already arrived. Despite desperate a plea for congressional approval of the new tactic which is without a doubt going to ratchet the body count of dead Americans to even higher levels of unacceptability, The Prez once again forgot that he was not the Emperor and went ahead and did it his way. This is perhaps one of the boldest moves of his presidency seeing as how he couldn’t even get full support from his own team for the move.

In a military expedition that is already bearing uncanny resemblances to Vietnam, this one should be the icing on the cake. Military leaders tried this same tactic in Vietnam and it didn’t work there either. And I think that we can safely say that this thing has gone far beyond a few vocal troublemakers churning up dissent. The simple fact is that a country that is in a sectarian civil war between Sunni’s and Shiites is not going to roll over because a few thousand extra Marines show up. Furthermore a nation in this kind of state combined with a potential breakaway population of Kurds is not going to be in any position to self-govern. Saddam was able to hold it together through fear and murder, and we aren’t going to be able to do it the old way OR this new way.

The only way Iraq will get under control is by a conqueror. The Romans conquered tons of people and kept everyone in line during the transition through absolute control and martial law until everyone was settled down and pacified. We are never going to succeed by trying to get this disunified nation and newly minted University of Terror to fall for some politically correct American Democracy idea when it is at odds with much of their belief system.

All a surge is going to do is make more dead GI’s which nobody wants. Just like Vietnam did nothing to stop the spread of Communism, Iraq is doing nothing to stop the spread of extremism and fundamentalism. I see two choices, either go in with EVERYBODY and take the whole place over and stay there OR begin a withdrawal and let the Iraqis duke it out and then deal with whomever wins. Of course we could also go in and back the Kurds in creating a new nation for themselves and their mates in Turkey - that ought to cause some destabilization right there. Unfortunately we are left with a half-assed mini-surge that won’t accomplish anything.

I think we need to reboot the USA, we have too many system failures.