dinsdag, mei 8

Tommy Kane.
Over mij: Check my Bio on tommykane.com Interesses. Drawing Journaling Painting Worrying Insomnia Cold Beer. Favoriete films : Harold and Maude Kung-Fu Hustle Rivers and Tides Amelie Baraka Dogtown Rushmore Ed Wood American Movie City of God The Incredibles Tokyo Decadence Triplets of Belleville Finding Nemo Local Hero My Favorite year Hedwig and the Angry inch The Ghost and Mister Chicken No Such Thing . Favoriete muziek: John Lennon Otis Redding The Who Bob Dylan Innocence Mission Talk Talk Radiohead Bob Marley Dean Martin Ry Cooder.
Favoriete boeken: Owen Meany Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas Bagdad without a map Bright shining lie Confederacy of Dunces Ball Four Rivethead Electric Kool-Aid Acid Test You coulda made us proud- The Joe Pepitone story To Kill a Mockingbird