maandag, mei 14

Much of her recent work has focused on the place of the individual within the (sub)-urban environment, looking at the delicate intricacies and interplay of human relationships, and the social mores that dictate much of our lives, particularly in small communities. Most recently, her focus has shifted inward, dictating a more personal response to place and circumstance.

Her work is largely figurative, although a tendency towards occasional "flights of abstract fancy" has seen her move towards a more abstract treatment of background spaces in an ongoing bid to capture the essence of the urban landscape.

She is fascinated by the way traditional fairy tales created fantastical worlds and situations as a way of teaching moral lessons and guidelines for life, and her work often incorporates imagery and ideas from those stories. Her paintings, like fairy tales, juxtapose the whimsical with the macabre to create unique, contemporary works of art.