donderdag, juni 2

Chris Ousey’s career goes from strength to strength. His first main achievement was the lead vocalist role in Jason Bonham's band Virginia Wolf. The group notched up 250,000 album sales between two records wich remains as melodic rock / AOR classics 'til today. After that, Ousey formed a new project with guitarist Gary Sharpe; HEARTLAND.
Their self titled debut in the early nineties was produced by James Jimbo Barton (Trixter, Steve Perry, Queensryche).

Chris and Gary later got together and put out 'Wide Open' in 1994. Both albums were warmly received by the audience and critics.
Later that year, guitar virtuoso Steve Morris joins the band. Morris is an experienced musician having recorded two albums on a major label with his group Export ('Living in fear of the Private Eye' and 'Export'), 3 discs with Ian Gillan and shared songwriting credits with the likes of Bob Halligan Jr. and Michael Bolton. 'Heartland III' has done extremely well since its release in November, 1995 and 15 years later is still very much a popular album.

This third outing was considered more commercial than the previous two albums, but nevertheless kept the rock fan's respect as well as gaining a wider audience.
In early 1997 the album 'Bridge Of Fools' was unleashed, with a return to rock roots and more of a 'band' feel. "Travelling Through Time" is an enjoyable way to be reminded of how great HEARTLAND are, one of the best and consistent melodic rock bands of the last 20 years, with all their classics plus many songs that you just never have heard before.