vrijdag, juni 3

Music is a battlefield, and Benatar is a survivor with enough integrity not to coast on past glories. Here she and inamorato Neil Geraldo cowrite 11 new tunes that escape the '80s by virtue of a more acoustic-based sound and the unexpected violin fills of Allison Cornell. "River of Love" is the anthemic rocker, "Purgatory" boasts a subtle Latin lilt, and her working girl fans will cheer along with "I Don't Want to Be Your Friend."

This CD is probably the finest work Pat and Neil have produced over their 20 year collaboration period. Mature and adult, these tunes still rock with the signature Benatar style. This time out, however, they have traded bombast for a more lyric and beautifully texturized instrument mix - violin and viola, cello, and Neil's 12 & 6 string, and acoustic guitar playing.

Take a listen to Only You, Pergatory or At This Time, and you'll hear Pat's voice hasn't lost anything. Her voice is still clear, bright and strong like we all remember from her years in the spotlight in the 80's. You can also smile to yourself that you have the good taste enough to have chosen such a rare and unfortunately, underexposed CD.

Ik kom ff een filmpie tegen van martina macBride en Pat Benetar.
Dit is echt steengoed hoor, good times come back !
Kijk hieronder, zal je niet tegenvallen.

Dit filmpje van Martina en Pat hier downloaden