zaterdag, juni 4

Sahara Hotnights are four women in their early 20s who are from a little northern town in Sweden. Out of boredom, they started playing together in their pre-teens. When they were around fifteen they played at a "Battle of Bands" contest. The winner would get to record their own demo in a studio. Sahara Hotnights won and their story begins here. They recorded an EP titled "Suits Anyone Fine" and became a big live favorite around Sweden.

In 1998 they had enough songs to start thinking about doing a proper album. In late 1999 they released their debut album "C'Mon Let's Pretend." It took the country by storm.
They kept touring and in the summer they got the award for best live band by the biggest Swedish newspaper.

They also played to a full crowd at the Hultsfred Festival. They took a year off and then recorded Jennie Bomb, their most successful album yet. With an international interest in Swedish bands like The Hives and International Noise Conspiracy, Sahara Hotnights soon caught on outside of Sweden. Currently, they are touring the USA for the first time. I met the lead singer and guitarist, Maria Anderson (3rd from front), in Hollywood recently. We talked about the band and we got to hang out at Book Soup. Maria ended up buying Spin and a book by JT Leroy. The band has a long two month tour ahead. Did we mention they are really hot?